What Is Sleep Dentistry?

If you suffer from a severe fear of the dentist, then Lifetime Holistic Dental’s practice is the perfect place for you. We know how terrifying the dentist can be for those who suffer from a long-held phobia, or who have had negative experiences in the past. For some people, just seeing a dentist is enough to send them into a panic.

Sleep Dentistry - Prahran Melbourne Woman Asleep

Dr Chris Darby and Dr. Bhavini (Bhavi) Patel have incorporated pain free sleep dentistry into the Lifetime Holistic Dental practice as a means of combating dental phobias. Making use of supervised intravenous sedation translates to a far more pleasant experience – putting patients into a state of ‘conscious sedation’ or ‘twilight sleep’. 

Lifetime Holistic Dental’s anaesthetist uses a very advanced form of sedation, which works by combining sedatives and pain relief medication in order to send patients into a special state of sleep. It is most comparable to the dream state of sleep, where you feel calm, relaxed and utterly unaware of anything else going on around you.

In this state of sleep, you won’t hear any drills, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort and you’ll wake up in a completely calm state just like you do after a great nights sleep. No unpleasant side effects and no knowledge of undergoing a procedure that would normally have you in a state of absolute terror.

Completely Safe & Administered by an Experienced Anaesthetist

Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery is complete with all of the safety equipment that would be found in a hospital surgery room. An experienced anaesthetist who monitors you throughout the procedure administers the sedation; making the entire process no different from what you would experience in a hospital environment. The anaesthetist specialises in dental sedation, meaning he knows exactly what to do ensure you experience no pain, discomfort or side effects.

A Simple, Streamlined Process

The entire procedure takes place in Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery; streamlining the entire process and meaning you don’t have to be an inpatient in a hospital. All you have to do is come to the surgery and drift off into that wonderful, calm, relaxed state while Dr Chris Darby and Dr. Bhavini (Bhavi) Patel go to work improving your oral health with all of the resources he needs close by to ensure efficient, effective treatment.

You don’t have to stay anywhere overnight and after a short period of recovery (usually 20-30 minutes), you’ll be on your way home. You just need to bring someone with you who can drive you home and stay with you for 24-hours following the procedure.

So, don’t let a phobia of the dentist stop you from receiving the treatment you need. Whether it’s a health or a cosmetic problem, your oral health and smile are important to all aspects of your life. Don’t let minor decay turn into a huge problem or a chipped tooth mar your smile because of a fear. Instead, visit our clinic and let our expert anaesthetist send you off into a peaceful sleep, while Dr Chris Darby and Dr. Bhavini (Bhavi) Patel take care of all that work you’ve been dreading and putting off for too long.

Take care of your teeth in an environment that takes care of you.