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You might find going to the dentist either tedious or frightening. Such is the case for many people around the world; sleep dentistry became a necessary medical practice to counter these issues. Sleep dentists put you in a certain state of sleep so that you may have a comfortable dental experience without triggering your phobias or anxiety in the process.

Sleep dentistry ensures a pleasant dental experience that meets every patient’s needs and requirements as needed. Our sleep dentists, near you in Toorak, are highly experienced in dental sedation and hold consultations before the entire appointment to alleviate any questions or concerns you might have. We utilise a unique combination of sedatives to prevent our patients from feeling any pain as you become completely unaware of your surroundings and will have no recollection of the procedure once awake. Moreover, our sleep dental clinic is easily accessible to many suburbs around Melbourne, including Toorak.

Why Choose Sleep Dentistry for your Dental Procedures?

With sleep dentistry, there’s no need to be intimidated or fearful when visiting our sleep dentists. Many individuals have begun opting for sleep dentistry due to how comfortable and effortless the dental procedure is after being put under sedation. Choosing our sleep dental clinic, close to Toorak, comes with a range of benefits for patients, including:

  • Trigger Management: Sleep dentistry effectively deals with any sensitivities to the sound, smell, and sight of a dental clinic. For instance, the smell of latex gloves, the sound of dental tools and the sight of the dentist or a dental clinic’s environment can cause some individuals to experience severe anxiety.

In addition, other patients tend to have serious oral sensitivities and gag reflexes, which can make dental procedures quite uncomfortable to sit through.

  • Dental Phobias: Many people suffer from phobias that can significantly hinder their medical procedures and prevent them from routinely maintaining their health. Even simple dental oral health check-ups can be frightening for some.

Such debilitating fear is difficult to manage, so our experienced sleep dentists, located close to Toorak, are skilled in sleep dentistry so you can rest easy for the appointment. We believe no two patients have the same needs and requirements because of which we tailor every treatment plan according to individual specifications.

  • Quicker Appointment: For some people sitting through an entire dental appointment can be tiresome, and they might prefer it to go by quicker. In addition, our sleep dentistry clinic, located near Toorak, will also significantly reduce any pain you might feel during the procedure, ensuring you have a smooth dental experience.
  • Personalised Appointments: Missing numerous dental health check-ups can lead to a serious build-up of appointments that might require urgent scheduling. With our sleep dentistry near surrounding suburbs of Toorak, our sleep dentists can perform multiple dental procedures in one sitting so you can start catching up on your oral health. However, the nature of the procedures is crucial in deciding how many treatments can be performed. For instance, wisdom teeth removal and root canal surgery cannot be completed in one sitting, whereas teeth whitening and scaling are safe to perform in a single appointment.
  • Unique Sedation: Normally, sedation is thought of as only through an IV drip, however, at our sleep dental clinic, we offer a specific form of sedation to ensure a comfortable patient experience. Our sleep dentists utilise sedatives and pain relief medication to guarantee a smooth patient appointment. During this, you won’t hear dental drills nor experience discomfort.
  • Better Patient Cooperation: A patient being under sedation allows for more ease for the dentist to perform the procedure. With any movements under control, it prevents sudden jolts from occurring and ensures the safety of an intricate treatment.

How do I Prepare for an Appointment at the Sleep Dental Clinic?

We take care of our patients at our Sleep Dentistry by having the appointment at our Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery, nearby Toorak. By having the appointment at our dental clinic, you will not have to be an inpatient at a hospital, saving you from any tedious processes, such as admitting yourself to the hospital and filling out discharge documents. When arriving for your dental procedure, bringing another person with you to the appointment is essential to drive you home afterwards.

Additionally, you must not operate heavy machinery in any capacity and have someone take care of you for the following 24 hours after the procedure. After the appointment near Toorak, the patient is not required to stay overnight; rather, you will only need a 20-to-30-minute short recovery period once our sleep dentists complete the treatment.

 How Safe is Sleep Dentistry?

It can be an intimidating experience to go through sedation, so we ensure to hold consultations between our patients and our highly experienced sleep dentists and anaesthetist before the appointment. During this consultation, you are walked through how the sedation will take place and how it is managed throughout the procedure.

Moreover, during the entire appointment, you are constantly supervised by the sleep dentists and anaesthetist who don’t leave your side at any given moment. Your oxygen saturation levels, pulse, ECG, carbon dioxide, blood pressure and depth of sedation are thoroughly monitored so you can attend the appointment without any worries.

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