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Do you find it difficult to visit the dentist to have your teeth examined? It is not uncommon for individuals to reject the idea of getting treatment immediately upon picturing sitting in a dentist’s chair. However, with modern technology and expertise, oral sedation for dentistry is a viable option for those who suffer from such conditions.

At our Lifetime Holistic Dental clinic, based near Richmond, we provide oral sedation for any dental procedure that you might have lined up but couldn’t attend. Aside from offering oral dental sedation for treatments due to phobias or other fear-inducing disabilities, you can also choose to undergo sedation if you want a quick and easy dental appointment. Lifetime Holistic Dental is the perfect option to pick if you are in or around Richmond and need a dental sedation clinic!

Sedation for Dentistry Close to Richmond: How Does it Benefit Patients?

As dental sedation has gained popularity in recent years, it has become a highly valuable service for many who find it challenging to go to the dentist. It’s vital to know that sleep dentistry involves carefully taken steps by certified medical practitioners who have years of experience under their belts. There are a number of reasons why oral sedation has become such an essential practice for many patients, for instance:

Oral Sedation for Any Dental Procedure: A dentist might opt to sedate for specific dental treatments due to it being a painful surgical procedure, however, oral sedation dentistry is certainly not limited to just that. At Lifetime Holistic Dental, located near you in Richmond, we perform dental sedation for even simple appointments such as, scaling or teeth whitening.

Every person deals with treatments differently and we ensure to accommodate all patients needs and requirements. Moreover, some individuals prefer to get oral sedation for dentistry simply due to boredom and wanting the time pass by quicker.

A Unique Blend of Oral Sedation: Many might believe that there is only one way to undergo sedation. However, there are various forms of sedation that exist such as, through an IV drip or through oral medication. Our dentists at Sleep Dentistry, close by Richmond, offer a unique type of dental sedation for every patient.

We use an advanced form of sleep sedation which combines sedatives with oral pain relief medications to induce a particular state of mind. This allows the patient to be unaware of everything going on around them and significantly dulls pain receptors to ensure a comfortable experience.

Dental Sedation and Phobias: Sedation for dentistry might prove necessary for those who may suffer from phobias such as, odontophobia, that have a serious fear of the dentist. Our dentists and anaesthetist are certified professionals who have the skills and knowledge to expertly administer oral sedation and carefully monitor the patient throughout the entire procedure.

Induce a Deeply Relaxed State of Mind: As with most sedatives, going under dental sedation doesn’t equal to a patient instantly becoming unconscious. Rather, you slip away into sleep gradually as they administer a certain amount of dosage differently depending on the patient.

Moreover, it is crucial to note that oral sedation for dentistry allows you to drift off into a completely unaware state of mind and you will have no recollection of any part of the procedure when you awake in our clinic near Richmond.

Is Dental Sedation Right for Me?

We understand that those suffering from phobias that prevent them from attending a dental appointment might need more reassurance than just scrolling through the website. To alleviate any fears and anxiety, we provide consultations for you to schedule with the dentist and thoroughly discuss any concerns you might have.

Moreover, we also have each patient sit in on a consultation with our expert anaesthetist to learn how they manage the entire process during the procedure.

Who Can Get Oral Sedation for Dentistry?

There is no particular eligibility criteria for sleep dentistry, and the procedure is becoming more of a commonplace option for various individuals. For instance, many might opt to go to the dentist for dental sedation because they have debilitating phobias, but many others prefer oral sedation simply because they want the appointment to pass by quicker and experience less pain.

It is crucial to note that none of our appointments proceed without thorough consultations between the patient, the dentist, and anaesthetist. This prevents any special requirements or other health factors, such as phobias or triggers, from being glossed over.

Choose Our Sleep Dentistry as Your Go-To for Dental Sedation in Richmond!

Our expert team at Lifetime Holistic Dental, located near Richmond and other suburbs, ensures to curate a specific treatment plan for every patient. We believe that no two people are the same, so why would their dental plans be? For instance, one person might have a list of multiple dental procedures piled up due to potential phobias or anxiety. In such cases, we would carefully select and schedule to have all or most of them performed in a set of different appointments as per the patient’s consent. On the other hand, another individual might only have some teeth whitening and scaling treatments accumulated. In this instance, a single dental sedation appointment might be enough to complete the procedures.

Our patients are the main focus in everything we do, so don’t debate any longer! Contact one of our customer service representatives at (03) 9529 2920 or send an enquiry to book your appointment near Richmond today!