Sleep Dentistry – Sedation Dentist Glen Waverley

Delaying dental procedures and appointments because of a phobia or anxiety might put you behind in maintaining your oral health. However, the method of sleep dental sedation has gained notable recognition, and individuals can now receive dental procedures without aggravating any triggers or phobias they might have.

A dentist puts you under sedation for the entire procedure, so you don’t have to feel any pain or anxiety during the treatment. Our sleep dentists at Lifetime Holistic Dental ensure to consider every patient’s needs and preferences, and provides exemplary care throughout the sleep dental appointment. Moreover, we offer our services in many different suburbs in and around Melbourne, including Glen Waverley.

Why is Seeing a Sleep Dentist a Preferred Choice for Many of Our Patients?

A visit to the dentist and sitting in the chair can stress some people’s triggers and tire them out in the process. In such cases, many people have started preferring sleep dentistry to have complete their appointments quicker and with significant pain reduction in the process. Other reasons why sleep dentistry is making its rounds throughout Australia, including Glen Waverley, are:

Prevent Complex Issues: Letting your list of dental procedures pile up can negatively affect your overall oral health. Moreover, phobias can prevent many people from dealing with and getting regular health checks. At times, even simple boredom can be a deterring factor that may cause concern as people might keep postponing their appointments.

Putting off simple treatments can often snowball into complex ailments that could have been avoided. Sleep dentistry can be a motivating factor in such instances and encourage patients to keep up with regular appointments at our sleep dental clinic.

Complete Comfort: A significant part of sleep dentistry is ensuring patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Our experienced anaesthetist adjusts the sedatives according to every patient’s medical disposition and unique appointment. Moreover, the anaesthetist doesn’t leave their side for any period. We guarantee to prioritise each patient’s comfort and well-being in the appointment.

Manage Your Triggers: Some individuals experience triggers associated with the sound, smell, and sights in a dental clinic. Our team of sleep dentist experts, based near Glen Waverley, help to eliminate the discomfort these triggers cause with the help of sedatives during your sleep dental appointment.

We employ an advanced form of sedation by combining sedatives with oral pain relief medication to have you drift off into sleep, unaware of everything going on around you and not having any recollection of the procedure after it’s finished. In no capacity would you have to worry about experiencing pain or any other stress-inducing sensation.

Dull Your Gag Reflex: With the help of our sleep dentists, based near Glen Waverley, you won’t have to stress about controlling your gag reflex every time you attend your dental appointment. Sleep dentistry helps keep your sensitivities at bay by temporarily paralysing them and keeping you sitting comfortably. Additionally, this makes it easier for our sleep dentists to use the necessary tools to operate your sleep dental procedure.

Can I Get Multiple Dental Procedures Performed During Sleep Dentistry Located Nearby Glen Waverley?

As part of the initial sleep dental consultation with our sleep dentists, we thoroughly discuss the patient’s medical history, the number of procedures they have accumulated, and whether sedation might be viable for them. We ensure consultations between our potential patients and our sleep dentists are held to prevent any needs or requirements from being overlooked.

In addition, our skilled anaesthetists have a separate consultation with every patient to walk them through the entire process. This helps build trust between the patient and the medical practitioners, ensuring a smooth and pleasant dental care experience like never before!

What Are Some Post-Operative Care Steps to Keep in Mind?

For your sleep dentistry appointment, it is necessary to come prepared with a few matters sorted. You must have another person with you for 24 hours after completing the procedure. In addition, you must not drive or operate heavy machinery after the appointment and have your chosen person drive you home from our sleep dental clinic.

After the sleep dentistry procedure, you will not have to stay overnight anywhere. Instead, you will only require a short recovery time of approximately 20 to 30 minutes, after which you will be ready to head home! Our sleep dentists ensure to schedule the appointment and hand you all the necessary details before your appointment. All you will need to do is bring yourself to our sleep dental clinic near Glen Waverley and we will take care of the rest!

Why Our Sleep Dentistry is the Right Option for You Near Glen Waverley?

A major advantage of choosing our sleep dentistry clinic for your sleep dental procedures is that you won’t have to be an inpatient in any hospital to undergo your treatment. Rather, the entire appointment is at Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery, located close by Glen Waverley, thereby streamlining the process for you. Moreover, as previously mentioned, this further helps in the short period you must stay after the procedure. Our team of sleep dentists and anaesthetist take care of every step for you and let you slip into a completely relaxed and calm state of mind.

Additionally, if you’re located in Glen Waverley and can’t find the right sleep dental clinic for your oral health, then meet with our sleep dentists and book an appointment. Get in touch with us at (03) 9529 2920 or send us an enquiry with any questions or concerns you might have, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.