Sleep Dentistry – Sedation Dentist Glen Iris

Many individuals suffer from a phobia of doctors, medical centres, or specifically dentists and dental clinics. At times, they might try to schedule an appointment but find themselves delaying it to another date or cancelling altogether. Sleep dentistry has quickly become a common method to help people get through dental procedures without triggering any concerns that generally prevent them from attending an appointment.

Our Sleep Dentistry clinic offers our patients the option to undergo sedation during their dental appointment and avoid experiencing any pain or anxiety arising from the procedure. Our team of sleep dentists are skilled in any dental procedures you might need to have performed and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the appointment. Our sleep dentists provide our dental sedation services in many suburbs around Melbourne, including Glen Iris and make scheduling easy for you.

Why Has Sleep Dentistry Become Vital for Some Patients?

Many people can attend dental appointments and complete their treatments without any fears or triggers preventing them. However, many others suffer from phobias, such as odontophobia, that hinder even the most straightforward dental procedure from happening. Sleep dentistry can enable such patients to get their treatments carried out timely and without triggering their phobia. In addition, sleep dentists offer a range of advantages that can improve your experience of dental procedures:

  • Managing your Phobia: Sleep dentistry has become a vital tool for those suffering from severe phobias that prevent some from even visiting the dentist. Phobias prevent regular treatment of dental procedures, leading them to build up over time and potentially causing a major health risk later. Meeting your routine appointments with our sleep dentists can help you maintain your oral health.

Our sleep dentistry clinic, easily accessible from Glen Iris, performs supervised sedation by utilising a unique blend of sedatives and pain relief medicines to put you in a special state of sleep. You will be unaware of everything around you and won’t remember any part of the procedure in any capacity.

  • Reduced Pain: Some patients find going to the dentist intimidating and might experience anxiety because of the pain associated with their dental procedure. Going to our sleep dental clinic and dentists, around Glen Iris, can address these issues and put you to sleep so you can have a comfortable and pain-free appointment with zero fear.
  • Relieve Boredom: A dental procedure can be tedious for some due to long hours spent in the chair. Sleep dentistry is also beneficial if you want the appointment to go by faster, with the added benefit of getting all your procedures carried out effectively.
  • Teeth Sensitivities and Gag Reflex: Many individuals want to avoid triggering and experiencing any sensitivities at the dentist. For some, the dental clinic’s smell, sounds and sights can trigger severe anxiety. For instance, the smell of gloves, the sound of a dental drill and even the sight of a dentist with a mask on can cause a patient to experience great discomfort. Moreover, our sleep dentists, close to Glen Iris, ensure you don’t experience any discomfort due to your gag reflex to guarantee a smooth dental experience.
  • Multiple Procedures: Patients who experience severe dental phobia and anxiety might have treatments piled up due to inability to attend appointments. This can be extremely detrimental to oral health, and you could potentially miss signs of any serious issue developing.

At our sleep dental clinic, around Glen Iris suburbs, we can complete several procedures in one sitting to help you catch up with your appointments. However, this is dependent on the nature of the dental procedures that you might require. For instance, a root canal surgery would be an appointment on its own but scaling and teeth whitening can be completed in a single sitting.

How Safe is Sleep Dentistry?

At our Lifetime Holistic Dental clinic, based near Glen Iris, the entire sedation process is supervised by our anaesthetist, who specialises in dental sedation. Your pulse, oxygen saturation, ECG, blood pressure, carbon dioxide, and sedation depth is monitored and adjusted as needed. You also have a consultation with our experienced anaesthetist before the appointment, during which they will walk you through the process and how it will take place. Moreover, our sleep dentists and anaesthetist ensure to address any questions or reservations about the appointment.

What do I Bring to the Sleep Dental Appointment?

We streamline the process by having the treatment at our Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery, located near Glen Iris, so you don’t have to go through the process of being an inpatient at a hospital. You must bring another person to drive you home after the treatment as you cannot drive, nor operate any heavy machinery. You will not need to stay overnight after the dental procedure and only require a 20-to-30-minute short period of recovery. Patients only need to attend their appointment, and our sleep dentists take care of everything else.

Choose Lifetime Holistic Dental as your Go-To Sleep Dentistry Clinic Near Glen Iris

Our sleep dentists specialise in performing sedation dental procedures, conveniently near Glen Iris, and ensure the comfort and care our patients need. We believe each patient is different and fully cater to meeting those individual needs and requirements to deliver a pleasant environment and experience. Contact our friendly team of sleep dentists at (03) 9529 2920 or send us an enquiry to alleviate any concerns or to book an appointment.