Sleep Dentistry – Sedation Dentist Brighton

Much of the global population suffers from dental phobias and faces severe anxiety and fear when facing the possibility of having to go to the dentist. This leads to an extreme neglect of oral health for many people. However, modern technology and medicine have solved such a problem in the form of sleep dentistry.

Our sleep dentistry clinic performs an advanced form of sedation to induce a unique state of sleep in patients so they may avoid discomfort or pain from their dental procedure. We offer our services across many suburbs in and around Melbourne, including Brighton and our sleep dentists ensure to provide as much scheduling support as needed.

Why Should You Opt for Sleep Dentistry Near You in Brighton?

Making an appointment with a dentist can cause many people to feel unsettled and might end up cancelling. They also might keep rescheduling to a later date and thus, delay completing the procedure(s) they may need. This can severely impact oral health and cause adverse effects to develop later. Sleep dentistry comes with an array of advantages for many individuals looking to have an easy time at the dentist without any stress factors causing them anxiety:

Manage Your Phobias: Sleep dentistry allows you to bypass any phobias you might experience due to the possibility of going to the sleep dental clinic or even just visiting a dentist themselves. Sleep dental clinics help manage your phobias by using sedatives that will put you in a special state of sleep, during which you will be unaware of anything happening around you.

Moreover, you will have no recollection of any part of the procedure and awake to the treatment having been successfully completed. Whether it’s a fear of needles, blood, or just odontophobia, our sleep dentistry experts at Lifetime Holistic Dental clinic, based near Brighton, are skilled in administering the sedatives and ensuring the entire procedure proceeds without any issues arising.

Procedures Piled Up: By consistently putting off going to the dentist, the number of treatments you might have can accumulate into a long list. Going to the dentist can be found to be tedious by many people as it might feel like an agonisingly long appointment. On the other hand, any fears related to dental clinics can further act as motivation to avoid entertaining the thought of going. Our Brighton sleep dentistry specialists can help you manage treatments at our sleep dental clinic.

Our highly experienced sleep dentists can perform multiple sleep dental procedures in a single appointment at our clinic. However, this is dependent on a patient’s medical history and the kind of procedures that have been delayed. For instance, teeth scaling and fillings could be finished in a single appointment, however a root canal surgery and wisdom teeth removal surgery shouldn’t be done in one session.

Sensitivities Under Control: Our sleep dentistry, around Brighton, allows for patient to manage any triggers or sensitivities they would otherwise experience without sedation. For instance, for some individuals the smell, sound and sight of a dental clinic and its rooms can act as triggers, which could lead to them backing out of the appointment.

In addition, those who are unable to control their gag reflex won’t have to worry about doing so when under sedation. The sedatives will prevent you from experiencing any discomfort related to our sleep dentists’ using medical tools. Moreover, you won’t have to even try to control your gag reflex but rather will be able to spend your time in the sleep dentist’s chair blissfully unaware of everything around you.

How Safe is it to Undergo Sleep Dentistry at Our Sleep Dental Clinic?

Our Brighton sleep dentists are certified professionals and ensure to make the sleep dental sedation process as comfortable as possible for every patient. Moreover, there is no cause for serious concern as we have expert anaesthetists on our team who ensure to stay by the side of every patient and never leave their side until the treatment is completed and they have awoken.

In addition, we hold consultations between the patient and the sleep dentists to map out their necessary sleep dental procedures and how they might prefer in scheduling them at the clinic. Consultations are also held with the anaesthetist so they can walk you through every step of the process. Any questions or concerns you might have can be immediately addressed and answered by our team of professionals, and nothing will be done without our patients’ complete consent.

What Do I Need to Prepare for the Sleep Dental Clinic Appointment?

We streamline the process by having every appointment at Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery, nearby Brighton, so you do not have to be an inpatient at a hospital. This way, you avoid many hurdles you’d have to otherwise overcome.

We do, however, recommend bringing another person to accompany you to drive you home as you must not drive or operate any heavy machinery after the procedure. In addition, your accompanying person will need be around you for you for the following 24 hours after the treatment.

Why Choose Sleep Dentistry for Your Dental Procedures Near Brighton?

Our sleep dentists, located near you in Brighton, ensure exemplary care and comfort during your treatment along with our expert anaesthetist to monitor you carefully throughout the procedure. We consider any concerns you might have regarding sleep dentistry and sleep dental clinics, and encourage you to contact us at (03) 9529 2920 or shoot us an enquiry to get started!