Melbourne IV Sedation Dentist

Going to the dentist can either be a daunting experience or a tedious one. For those with phobias, it can be terrifying to consider sitting in the dentist’s chair. Due to such issues, IV sedation dentistry has become a popular method of sitting through dental appointments without remembering or feeling anything from the procedure.

Our sleep dentistry clinic, available across numerous Melbourne suburbs, provides a unique form of IV sedation combined with pain relief medication to induce a particular state of sleep. You won’t be aware of anything happening during the dental procedure and will awake with no memory of the treatment. In addition, our dentists and anaesthetist specialise in sleep dentistry, meaning they fully know how to administer IV sedation and ensure you feel no pain during the appointment.

What Are the Benefits of Melbourne IV Sedation Dentistry?

IV sedation dentistry has become a preferred method of combating phobias and dental anxiety that hinder people from attending appointments. Our team of IV sedation dentists at Lifetime Holistic Dental, considers our patients’ specific needs and requirements concerning any dental phobia they might have. There are several advantages to consider when debating whether to opt for IV sedation dentistry:

No More Triggers

With the help of IV sedation dentists, you will no longer have to worry about experiencing anything that could provoke your phobia or other sensitivities. Many people are affected by odontophobia, while others feel extreme anxiety when encountering a dental clinic’s smell, sound, and sights. For instance, the sound of a dental drill can trigger a person’s stress and have them running out the clinic. While for some others, their gag reflex presents a severe issue in preventing them from having a comfortable dental procedure.

Moreover, some individuals have had negative experiences (e.g., undergoing intense pain) in the past that have scared them off from going to the dentist. Our IV sedation dentists in Melbourne are fully aware on how to assist our patients before and during the procedure to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Perform Many Procedures

Our Melbourne IV sedation dentistry allows for potentially performing multiple treatments in one appointment. However, this highly depends on the type of procedures that must be carried out. For instance, a wisdom teeth removal and root canal surgery might need more than a single appointment to be completed successfully.

On the other hand, scaling, teeth whitening, and teeth filling can potentially be done in one go. IV sedation dentistry is especially helpful for those who have many appointments piled up and need a dentist to perform a thorough oral health check-up.

Set a Routine

By no longer being afraid of going to the dentist, you can set up a regular schedule of attending dental appointments. With the help of our Melbourne IV sedation dentists to assist patients, there’s less fear and anxiety in sitting through the treatment. Moreover, it could help regain patients’ trust in dentistry if they underwent an unfortunate experience previously. In addition, being regular with treatments can further help build confidence and lessen the fear of visiting the dentist.

Smooth Treatment

Many people tend to be sensitive and flinch easily when the dentist begins operating on them, making it difficult to get through the appointment efficiently. Instead, the treatment might get extended if, for instance, the patient consistently closes their mouth or cannot control their tongue’s movements. For such patients, it might be easier to opt for our IV sedation dentistry in Melbourne to avoid impeding the treatment and have an easy appointment with our dentists.

How Safe Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

Our expert IV sedation dentists, Dr Chris Darby, Dr Charlie Kong and Dr Julia Nguyen, located in and around Melbourne, are skilled in performing IV sedation along with the constant supervision of our anaesthetist throughout the treatment. Before the appointment, the patient will have a consultation with our IV sedation dentist to discuss their concerns and ask any questions as needed. Moreover, during this session, you will be given a rundown on how the appointment proceeds and how everything is accommodated according to the patient’s specific needs (i.e., whatever fears they might have been taken into account).

In addition, another consultation is held between the patient and anaesthetist so they can walk you through the entire sedation process and mitigate any concerns. During the treatment process, our anaesthetist monitors your pulse, oxygen saturation, ECG, carbon dioxide, blood pressure, and depth of sedation to ensure your IV sedation is proceeding correctly. In no way are you ever left alone in the theatre.

What do I Need to Prepare for the Appointment?

You must bring another person with you to the procedure to drive you home after the appointment and stay with you for the next 24 hours. Your treatment will be carried out at Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery, situated in Melbourne, so you don’t have to be an inpatient in a hospital, thereby making it easier for our patients to attend their appointments. Moreover, you won’t have to stay overnight and will only require a short recovery period of 20 to 30 minutes after which you will be cleared to head home.

Why Have Your IV Sedation Dentistry Performed by Our Melbourne Dentists?

At our IV Sedation Dentistry clinic, we provide exemplary care to our patients to ensure they have the most relaxing and pleasant dental experience. Moreover, we customise our services according to every patient’s dental needs so they can be as comfortable as possible. Get in touch with our Melbourne team of IV sedation dentists today at (03) 9529 2920 or start by sending us an enquiry to make a booking.