Wondering How Much Sleep Dentistry Cost?

Many people avoid going to the dentist as much as possible due to having a phobia of the dentist, needles, the sounds of a dental clinic etc. To overcome such hurdles, sleep dentistry is an option several people have started opting for to receive their dental treatments while under sedation.

Our sleep dentistry clinic, located in Melbourne, fully customises the service depending on each patient’s needs and requirements. Therefore, the sleep dentistry costs are determined by what procedures the specialists perform. For instance, scaling and teeth whitening might cost less than a wisdom teeth removal surgery. We offer our services at an affordable rate to an array of Melbourne suburbs.

The Cost of Sleep Dentistry: Is it Worth it?

Sleep dentistry has become a crucial tool for many individuals to utilise as several people suffer from phobias that prevent them from setting up a regular dentist schedule. For some others, it is convenient to pleasantly pass by the dental appointment time with the added benefit of reduced discomfort. The cost of sleep dentistry is worth the investment for several reasons:

Curb Your Phobias: Sleep dentistry puts you under sedation to get through your dental procedures without triggering any phobias you might have. During the entire treatment, you will be completely unaware of your surroundings and have no recollection of anything from the procedure after waking.

Often those suffering from phobias miss multiple appointments and get behind in their treatments. This is highly detrimental as health check-ups allow dentists to catch early signs of any serious issue developing. By bypassing your phobias using sedation, patients can set a regular schedule for their dental appointments.

Gag Reflex No More: The gag reflex troubles many individuals when they go to the dentist. It makes it difficult for the patient to get through the treatment without flinching when dental tools come close. This could extend the appointment to complete the treatment. The cost of sleep dentistry is of no consequence when it concerns a comfortable dental experience in Melbourne.

No Pain: By utilising sleep dentistry in Melbourne, you will experience little to no pain throughout the procedure. This is especially beneficial if you experience extreme anxiety from a fear of pain and wish to have a comfortable dental appointment.

Comfortable Appointment: While many find going to the dentist paralysing, others find it tedious. For instance, sitting long hours in the chair waiting for the appointment to be over can be tiresome and often makes you skip out on your oral health check-ups. Dental sedation allows for the illusion of time passing by quicker with the added benefit of reduced pain all at a reasonable cost.

Improved Self-Confidence: For several people, their oral health dispositions might lead to a serious lack of confidence when smiling or even talking. Suppose you cannot attend your dental appointments due to a phobia or anxiety. In that case, our Melbourne sedation services allow you to reach your optimum oral health at a reasonable sleep dentistry cost. Thereby increasing your overall self-confidence and self-esteem when speaking, smiling, or laughing and no longer feeling the need to cover up that beautiful smile.

Better Quality of Life: The cost of sleep dentistry is worth the long-term investment for your oral health. Having frequent treatments completed could lower the cost of sleep dentistry as opposed to catching up with a backlog of appointments in one session. Moreover, attending your health check-ups keeps your oral hygiene up-to-date and establishes a relaxing dental routine.

How Much Does Melbourne Sleep Dentistry Cost?

The cost of sleep dentistry depends on what procedures you have performed (e.g., root canal surgery might be more costly than a tooth filling treatment). At our Melbourne clinic, we ensure you don’t have to spend extra sleep dentistry costs on being an inpatient in a hospital. We operate dental sedation at Lifetime Holistic Dental’s surgery to further streamline the entire process for you.

Moreover, you do not have to stay overnight after the procedure and only require a short recovery period of 20 to 30 minutes after which you must have a designated person to drive you home from the clinic in Melbourne and accompany you for the following 24 hours after the appointment.

Would Sleep Dentistry Be Right for Me?

We understand that some patients might be unsure about proceeding with dental sedation; however, consultations are held with specialists before the appointment to alleviate any concerns. Our experienced dentists, Dr Chris Darby, Dr Charlie Kong and Dr Julia Nguyen, located in Melbourne, will answer any questions you have during the consultation, walk you through the entire process, and provide you with a rough estimate of the cost of sleep dentistry. In addition, our skilled anaesthetist will also have a consultation with you before the treatment to explain how the sedation will proceed during the procedure.

Our Sleep Dentistry Costs Are Beneficial in the Long-run

At our Melbourne sleep dentistry clinic, we ensure to keep every patient as comfortable as possible before, during and after the appointment is completed. Our dentists and anaesthetist specialise in dental sedation so you can sit back and relax while everything is taken care of for you. Connect with our friendly team at (03) 9529 2920 or fill out our enquiry form to get started today!