Relaxed, Caring, Expert Sleep Dentistry

Originally founded by Dr George Olstein, a Sleep Dentist in Melbourne, Dr Chris Darby and the team at Lifetime Holistic Dental are proud to continue to offer our specialist Sleep Dentistry services. At our clinic, we provide a caring and compassionate atmosphere.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Experience & Expertise

We really do know everything there is to know about oral health and dental care, from general dentistry right through to cosmetic dentistry, and everything in between.

Personalised Treatment

We deliver tailored treatment plans for every patient. Just as no two patients are the same, no two treatment plans should be the same either.

Welcoming Environment

Given the stresses and anxieties that a visit to the dentist can cause, our team works tirelessly to maintain a warm, comfortable, caring atmosphere.

No-Fear Dentistry

We understand how confronting a trip to the dentist can be. We do everything we possibly can to keep you relaxed and calm, even providing sleep dentistry at a reasonable cost.

Sleep dentistry can help curb your phobia of dentists

If you are afraid of visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. However, it isn’t worth enduring the pain of a toothache to avoid getting treatment at the dentist. Through sedation dentistry, we can help take away some of the anxiety of dental procedures required to improve your oral health. You are constantly monitored by our professional anaesthetist and will have no recollection of the procedure.

Take teeth sensitivity, pain and gag reflex out of the equation

For some people, pain, sensitive teeth, and a bad gag reflex may cause them to fidget more. This may make dental procedures trickier for the dentist, while you feel like you are sitting in the dentist’s chair for an eternity. With sedation dentistry you can get through procedures with less stress.

Complete dental procedures while ‘asleep’ in our Prahran clinic

Whether it be an oral health situation or a cosmetic problem, lying in the dentist chair for multiple procedures can be a bore. Here in Melbourne, we can help remove any anxiety of the sights and smells of a dentist with sedation dentistry, and at the same time help with the stress of dental visits.